sgsR 1.3.4

fixed - sample_srs() / sample_strat(method = "random") - First sample unit was always duplicated From Tommaso Trotto.

added - plot_scatter() - Internal function. Scatter plot visualizing relationship between 2 mraster metrics with existing samples superimposed.

sgsR 1.3.33

fixed - sample_strat() - srasters with categorical values were crashing the algorithm due to inability to combine facter and non-factor values from Evan Muise.

fixed - sample_systematic() - Added more contingency for cellsize values that resulted in empty sample output.

sgsR 1.3.32

fixed - strat_map() - stratamapped was outputting as character and not as integer or character depending on input strata type as intended from Tommaso Trotto.

sgsR 1.3.31

enchancement - calculate_pcomp() - Added maxcells parameter based on suggestion from R. Hijmans.

fixed - sample_systematic() - Fixed issue related to ATLAS Blas and CRAN errors with suggestions and support from R. Hijmans.

sgsR 1.3.3

fixed - CRAN issue where errors were encountered when run on ATLAS instances.

enhancement - Edited vignettes and documentation for clarity.

enhancement - sample_srs() - Added message to tell users when nSamp sample units were unable to be allocated. From Evan Muise.

sgsR 1.3.21

fixed - strat_quantiles() / strat_kmeans() - solved issue where correct number of strata & float strata values were being output.

enhancement - sample_existing() - made it so extra attributes are passed to output when raster is provided. Added additional unit tests and updated documentation.

sgsR 1.3.2

enhancement - README.Rmd and vignettes have been updated.

enhancement - sample_systematic() - changed how tessellation was used internally and visualized during plotting.

fixed - strat_map() - #20 greatly simplified algorithm using suggestion from R. Hijmans (added as author to algorithm). Issue was related to level matching with categorical variables.

fixed - sample_ahels() - swapped plot marker icons to be consistent with other functions.

sgsR 1.3.1

fixed - sample_systematic() - added random translation to sampling grid to ensure unbiased sampling.

sgsR 1.3.0

new - sample_existing() - has been added. This algorithm sub-samples and existing sample using internal latin hypercube sampling. Constraints in the form of the cost parameter akin to sample_clhs() exist. Sub-sampling can be performed on existing samples alone, or using population level mraster distributions.

new - mask_existing() - internal function for masking exising samples using access buffers.

sgsR 1.2.1

fixed - sample_systematic() - bug where cellsize values that caused no samples to intersect with the raster would cause extract_metrics() to provide an error about existing not having any samples. Added a check for intersection and corresponding error message.

enhancement - Added quiet to extract_metrics() & extract_strata() to allow internal use without messages.

sgsR 1.2.0

sgsR 1.1.0

sgsR 1.0.0

sgsR 0.1.6

sgsR 0.1.5

sgsR 0.1.4

sgsR 0.1.3

sgsR 0.1.2

sgsR 0.1.1