rrefine 2.1.0

This release introduces a new function to summarize project metadata.

New Features

The new refine_project_summary() function queries the running OpenRefine instance and returns high-level summary information about each project. The summary information is pulled from the OpenRefine metadata API and includes project identifier, name, date modified, date created, description, and number of rows in the project.


Tested with OpenRefine 3.4.1, 3.5.0, and 3.6.2 running on Linux and Mac OSX.

rrefine 2.0.0

This major release introduces a significant new feature that allows users to perform data cleaning operations in OpenRefine through an API query.

New Features

The new functionality passes JSON-specified operations to the running instance via the /command/core/apply-operations endpoint. In addition to the generic refine_operations() that can flexibly accept any valid JSON operation, the rrefine package includes a series of wrapper functions to perform common data cleaning procedures:

In addition to the data cleaning operations functionality, the documentation has been updated throughout to point to the current OpenRefine user manual (https://docs.openrefine.org/).


Tested with OpenRefine 3.4.1 and 3.5.0 running on Linux and Mac OSX.

rrefine 1.1.2

Minor release to incorporate new features.

New Features

rrefine 1.1.1

The only update in this release is the removal of one of the package dependencies (rlist), which has been scheduled to be archived per the CRAN team. This change is required for continued distribution of rrefine via CRAN. Functions from rlist were only used in an unexported rrefine helper, and there are no anticipated user-facing changes in this release.

rrefine 1.1.0

This release includes a number of new features, more robust checks and internal logic, and many improvements to package documentation. Most significantly, this version introduces support for the Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token in OpenRefine API requests, which is required in certain API calls as of OpenRefine v3.3. This feature is now included in rrefine but operates internally and should be invisible to users. For more information the OpenRefine CSRF protection see: https://github.com/OpenRefine/OpenRefine/wiki/Changes-for-3.3#csrf-protection-changes

New Features

Bug Fixes


Tested with OpenRefine 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4.1 running on Linux and Mac OSX.

rrefine 1.0

NOTE The rrefine package was released to CRAN under version 1.0. However, the DESCRIPTION file for that release noted the version as 0.1. All releases from v1.1.0 onwards will maintain consistency between the version in the DESCRIPTION and the version number on the CRAN release.