This data package provides open datasets from meta-analyses from different areas in psychological science.


Until it’s available on CRAN, you can install this package from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Adding a dataset

If you’d like to contribute a dataset to this package please do the following steps:


Clone the repository to your local machine


Clean your dataset so it is of type data.frame and has at least the following columns:

Column names should follow snake case formatting. This can easily be done by calling janitor::clean_names() on your data set.

Feel free to include as many moderators or additional columns as you would like.


Assign your dataset to an object with the format [firstauthor][year] and save it to the data folder with the format [firstauthor][year].rda, e.g.

curry2015 <- cleaned_dataset
save(curry2015, file = "data/curry2015.rda")

where curry2015 is a dataset originally collected from the publication Curry, Thompson, and Green (2015)


Add a bibtex reference to the inst/REFERENCES.bib file. This can be easily obtained with a citation manager (e.g., Zotero) or with Google scholar


Document your dataset at the bottom of the R/data.R file.

The documentation should roughly follow this format:

#' @title [Title]
#' @description Results from [# of studies] studies, including [# of effect sizes] effect 
#' sizes ([type of effect size]), on [short description of studies] \insertCite{[cite key]}{psymetadata}.
#' @format A data frame with [# of rows] rows and [# of columns] variables:
#' * \code{yi}: [description]
#' * \code{vi}: [description]
#' * \code{study_id}: [description]
#' * \code{es_id}: [description]
#' * \code{moderator1}: [description]
#' * \code{moderator2}: [description]
#' @md
#' @details Further details can be found at \href{[link]}{[link]}
#' @usage data("[dataset]")
#' @references
#' \insertAllCited{}


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