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Focuses on creating data sets and other tools that help make understanding gerrymandering faster and easier. Designed for easy preparation to run simulation analysis with the R package redist, but is aimed at the geographic aspects of redistricting, not partitioning methods. Most of these tools are gathered from seminar papers and do not correspond to a single publication.


You can install the released version of geomander from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


A very common task is aggregating block data to precincts.

#> -- Attaching packages --------------------------------------- tidyverse 1.3.1 --
#> v ggplot2 3.3.5     v purrr   0.3.4
#> v tibble  3.1.6     v dplyr   1.0.7
#> v tidyr   1.1.4     v stringr 1.4.0
#> v readr   2.1.0     v forcats 0.5.1
#> -- Conflicts ------------------------------------------ tidyverse_conflicts() --
#> x dplyr::filter() masks stats::filter()
#> x dplyr::lag()    masks stats::lag()
# load precincts

# create block data
block <- create_block_table(state = 'VA', county = '087')  
#> Getting data from the 2020 decennial Census
#> Downloading feature geometry from the Census website.  To cache shapefiles for use in future sessions, set `options(tigris_use_cache = TRUE)`.
#> Using the PL 94-171 Redistricting Data summary file
#> Note: 2020 decennial Census data use differential privacy, a technique that
#> introduces errors into data to preserve respondent confidentiality.
#> i Small counts should be interpreted with caution.
#> i See for additional guidance.
#> This message is displayed once per session.

# match the geographies
matches <- geo_match(from = block, to = va18sub)

# Aggregate
prec <- block2prec(block_table = block, matches = matches)

Other important tasks include breaking data into pieces by blocks underlying them.

# load precincts

# subset to target area
va18sub <- va18sub %>% filter(COUNTYFP == '087')

Then we can get common block data:

block <- create_block_table(state = 'VA', county = '087')  

And estimate down to blocks

disagg <- geo_estimate_down(from = va18sub, to = block, wts = block$vap, value = va18sub$G18USSRSTE)

For more information, see the documentation and vignettes, available at