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Darwinazing biodiversity data in R (this package is in preparation stage and soon will be submitted to CRAN).

“Darwin Core is a standard maintained by the Darwin Core maintenance group. It includes a glossary of terms intended to facilitate the sharing of information about biological diversity by providing identifiers, labels, and definitions.” Darwin Core

bdDwC is R package (soon to be submitted to CRAN) that user can Darwinize given data using shiny application interface. This package is part of bd-R and soon will be implemented into two other packages bdchecks and bdclean

This package lets user to:

All these actions are done within reactive shiny environment.

Install bdDwC with:


Run bdDwC shiny app with:


To use bdDwC from the command line:

Load bdDwC package


bdDwC contains Indian Reptile dataset bdDwC:::dataReptiles.
Darwinize data with darwinizeNames (replace bdDwC:::dataReptiles with wanted dataset):

result <- darwinizeNames(dataUser = bdDwC:::dataReptiles,
                        dataDWC   = bdDwC:::dataDarwinCloud$data)

Rename your data using bdDwC with renameUserData:

# Replace `bdDwC:::dataReptiles` with wanted dataset
renameUserData(bdDwC:::dataReptiles, result)

To get newest version of Darwin Cloud Data run:


which will download data from the remote repository and extract field and standard names.