OneSampleMR: Useful functions for one-sample Mendelian randomization and instrumental variable analyses

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Useful functions for one sample, individual level data, Mendelian randomization / instrumental variable analyses, including implementations of:

OneSampleMR was included in the R Views November 2021 “Top 40” New CRAN Packages here!


Released version

Install the package from CRAN using


To check for updates run


Issue with gmm package versions 1.6-5, 1.6-6, 1.7 on macOS

Using these old versions of the gmm package, a GNU Fortran installation was required even if the binary version of the package was installed.

The fix is to update to the current version of gmm, which is version 1.8.

If you cannot update your version of gmm then

Development version

Install the development version of the package from source from GitHub using

# install.packages("remotes") # uncomment on first run

To check for and install updates to the development version run the previous command again or run


A binary of the development version of the package (for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish) can be installed from r-universe using

install.packages('OneSampleMR', repos = c('', ''))

which can be updated using

update.packages(repos = c('', ''))