Get started

If you are just getting started with scapesClassification and you would like to have a general overview of the package capabilities you can consult the github page and the working example articles. For a deeper understanding of how the package works you can consult the implementation articles and the examples throughout the package documentation.

Working example

The working example provides a general overview about the package capabilities. It shows how to use scapesClassification to identify raster objects and marine seafloor structures (geomorphic management units - GMUs).

  1. Format input data;

  2. Island shelf unit;

  3. Peak cells;

  4. Relief unit and raster objects;


The implementation articles provide more insights about the functioning of the package. In particular they explain what types of classification rules can be considered, how they are parsed and how they are evaluated. In addition, classification and raster object functions are introduced.

  1. Format inputs

  2. Rule evaluation and types

  3. Classification functions

  4. Object functions


Examples are included throughout the package documentation. Consult the function documentation ?conditions for a general overview on how classification processes are implemented.