License: MIT

An R package for reading, validating, and writing mzQC files.


You can grab rmzqc from either CRAN or GitHub. GitHub installation will give you the latest package; the CRAN version might be a little older, but is faster to install.



## GitHub
if (!require(devtools, quietly = TRUE)) install.packages("devtools")

install_github("MS-Quality-hub/rmzqc", build_vignettes = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)

To get started, see the help and/or vignettes:

browseVignettes(package = 'rmzqc')

Please feel free to report bugs (see below), or issue pull requests!


Bug reporting / Feature requests

If you encounter a bug, please use the GitHub issue tracker and file a report.

You should include - stage you encounter the bug, e.g. during installation, importing, exporting, etc - version of rmzqc, e.g. call help(package="rmzqc") within R - error message (very important!). Either copy it or provide a screen shot.

Please be as precise as possible when providing the bug report - just imagine what kind of information you would like to have in order to track down the issue. In certain situations, the input/output file you are trying to read/write is helpful.

Contributing - Get Involved!

We welcome input from our user base! Rmzqc has a very permissive MIT License (see DESCRIPTION file), so feel free to fork, patch and contribute! There are many ways to get involved, you do not need to be a developer! - suggest a new metric (and why you think it’s useful) by opening a new ticket here on GitHub. - suggest changes to functions (improvements or bugfixes), see above. - suggest improvements to our documentation - write code (in R) and submit a Pull Request (PR).

See https://github.com/HUPO-PSI/mzQC/ for the specification details of the mzQC format.