rgm: Random Graphical Models for data from multiple environments

rgm is an R package that implements state-of-the-art Random Graphical Models (RGMs) for the analysis of complex multivariate data. It is able to handle heterogeneous data across various environments, offering a powerful tool for exploring intricate network interactions and structural relationships.

Key Features


Install the latest version of rgm from GitHub using the following commands in R:

devtools::install_github("franciscorichter/rgm", build_vignette=TRUE)


For detailed instructions on using rgm for data analysis, refer to the package vignette and documentation:


Note: While initially designed for microbiome analysis, rgm is broadly applicable across various fields requiring advanced graphical modeling of multivariate data from multiple environments.

Principal Reference

The methodologies implemented in the rgm package are principally derived from the work described in Vinciotti, V., Wit, E., & Richter, F. (2023). “Random Graphical Model of Microbiome Interactions in Related Environments.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.01956.