Bug on package test

rTLS 0.2.5

Having FLANN all this time has causing gcc-ASAN problems, a headache for us and more than four months outside of CRAN. This new version, ‘knn’ and ‘radius_search’ were modified to work with ‘RcppHNSW’ as a base. Problem solved!

rTLS 0.2.4

Corrections to the compiler


Minor corrections on the DESCRIPTION file by adding ‘LazyDataCompression: bzip2’ The ‘context()’ of testthat files was removed. The ‘int’ of ‘npoints’ of circleRANSAC_rcpp was corrected to ‘double npoints_double’. Modifications to the Makevars were done.

rTLS 0.2.3

rTLS is released in CRAN (2021-03-13)