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mousetRajectory: Trajectory Analyses for Behavioural Scientists

Tool helping psychologists and other behavioural scientists to analyze mouse movement (and other 2-D trajectory) data. Bundles together several functions computing spatial measures (maximum absolute deviation, area under the curve, sample entropy) or providing a shorthand for often-used procedures.


You can install mousetRajectory from CRAN with


Alternatively, you can keep up to date and install the latest development version of mousetRajectory from github.com/mc-schaaf/mousetRajectory with:


Function Overview

Currently, the following functions are featured:


You can find an example application as well as the full documentation at mc-schaaf.github.io/mousetRajectory/.

Bug Reports

Please report bugs to github.com/mc-schaaf/mousetRajectory/issues.