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hetu - Structural Handling of Finnish Personal Identity Numbers


hetu is an R package for structural handling of identification codes used in Finland, most importantly Finnish flavour of national identification numbers, the Finnish personal identity codes (in Finnish: henkilötunnus (hetu), in Swedish: personbeteckning). Some functions can also be used with Finnish Business ID numbers (in Finnish: yritys- ja yhteisötunnus (y-tunnus), in Swedish: företags- och organisationsnummer (FO-nummer)) and Finnish Unique Identification Numbers (FINUID, in Finnish: sähköinen asiointitunnus (SATU), in Swedish: elektronisk kommunikationskod).

The syntax in this package aims to be, when convenient, similar with another package specializing in national identification numbers: the sweidnumbr R package for working with Swedish personal identity numbers and corporation identity numbers.


Install stable version from CRAN:


Alternatively, use devtools package to install the latest development version from GitHub:


Development version can be also installed using the r-universe:

# Enable this universe
options(repos = c(
  ropengov = "",
  CRAN = ""

Loading the package and accessing the tutorial

Loading the package in R command line:


A simple example of printing a table containing data from 2 imaginary personal identity codes:

example_hetu <- c("010101-0101", "111111-111C")
#>          hetu    sex p.num ctrl.char       date day month year century
#> 1 010101-0101 Female   010         1 1901-01-01   1     1 1901       -
#> 2 111111-111C   Male   111         C 1911-11-11  11    11 1911       -
#> 1      TRUE
#> 2      TRUE

The package can also be used to check the validity of Finnish Business IDs (Yritys- ja Yhteisötunnus, or Y-tunnus for short):

example_ytunnus <- c("5996039-9", "5619117-6", "6095515-9")

A tutorial is included with the package and can be viewed with vignette-function:




Kindly cite this work as follows: Pyry Kantanen, Måns Magnusson, Jussi Paananen, Leo Lahti. hetu: Finnish personal ID number data toolkit for R. URL:

We are grateful to all contributors! This project is part of rOpenGov.