fhircrackr 2.0.0

Bugs fixed

New functions

New behaviour

fhircrackr 1.0.0

The package is now rewritten using S4 classes. Almost all of the code written with fhircrackr < 1.0.0 will still work, though in a few cases the user will be prompted to change their code to the new syntax.

The most prominent change is how to create a design that tells fhir_crack() how to flatten HL7 FHIR® Resources. It should now be created using the functions fhir_table_description() and fhir_design(). fhir_crack() is now also able to create a single data.frame/data.table instead of a list of tables when just one resource type is extracted. Please see the documentation under ?fhir_table_description and ?fhir_design!

To get an overview about how the general workflow has changed, please have a look at the intro vignette (vignette("fhircrackr_intro", package="fhircrackr")).

There are a couple of new constructor functions for the newly defined classes which will not be listed here. Please have look at the package vignettes which go through them in detail.

Other new functions or behavior are listed in the following:

New functions

New behavior

fhircrackr 0.2.1

fhircrackr 0.2.0

fhircrackr 0.1.1

fhircrackr 0.1.0

First Release of R-Package fhircrackr v0.1.0