covidcast R package

Provides R access to the COVIDcast API published by the Delphi group at Carnegie Mellon University. This API provides daily access to a range of COVID-related signals Delphi that builds and maintains, from sources like symptom surveys and medical claims data, and also standard signals that we simply mirror, like confirmed cases and deaths.

Consult the COVIDcast API documentation for details on the data included in the API, licensing, and how to cite this data in your work. You should also consider subscribing to the API mailing list to be notified of package updates, new data sources, corrections, and other updates.

The signals documentation lists all the data sources and signals available through this API.


This package is not on CRAN yet, so it can be installed using the devtools package:

devtools::install_github("cmu-delphi/covidcast", ref = "main",
                         subdir = "R-packages/covidcast")


The package documentation and examples are available online.


See for details on how to set up, test, and document this package.