Contains a set of R functions to compute percentile or BCa confidence intervals based on bootstrap schemes, for linear mixed models estimated with both classical and robust methods.

The scripts allow for balanced and unbalanced data, using rlmer (Koller, 2016) for robust estimation or lmer (Bates et al., 2015) for classical estimation.

Two bootstrap schemes are implemented: the wild bootstrap and the parametric bootstrap.

Both are adapted for object of class lmerMod (with lmer), rlmerMod (with rlmer) or varComprob (varComprob) (Agostinelli & Yohai, 2016).

A comparison of performance with balanced datasets is available in Mason, Cantoni and Ghisletta (2024).


The main function is confintROB; it is implemented as an extension of the popular confint (confint.merMod) function of the lme4 package.