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A package to perform a least squares constrained optimization on a linear objective function. It provides a very easy way to run a constrained linear regression using the lm formula syntax that most R users are familiar with.


To install the latest released version from CRAN you just need to run on your console:


To install the development version you need to have the devtools package installed. To install devtools type in your console: install.packages('devtools').

Then to install colf run the following on your console:



By typing on your console:

colf_nls(mpg ~ ., mtcars, upper = rep(2, 11), lower = rep(-0.5, 11))

you can see a first example of how to run a constrained optimization on a linear objective function!

To read the tutorial and documentation for colf please see the vignette.

To see the released version you can visit CRAN.