Variable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping

Variable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping for aligning GC-MS chromatograms to a master signal and more. With the appropriate penalty this method performs good alignment without altering the shape of peaks in GC-MS data.


Please install the package in R directly using the commands:



Clifford, D., Stone, G., Montoliu, I., Rezzi, S., Martin, F. P., Guy, P., … & Kochhar, S. (2009). Alignment using variable penalty dynamic time warping. Analytical chemistry, 81(3), 1000-1007. doi:

Clifford, D., & Stone, G. (2012). Variable Penalty Dynamic Time Warping Code for Aligning Mass Spectrometry Chromatograms in R. Journal of Statistical Software, 47(8), 1 - 17. doi:

Forked from David Clifford, but now maintained by Ethan Bass.