FIESTA_3.0.30 (Release date: 2021-09-27)

created anGetData(), to deprecate (anSAdata, anGBdata, anMAdata)

removed anSApop_ecomap() removed anSApop_RAVG()

FIESTA_3.0.29 (Release date: 2021-08-02)

added new function, spGetXY(), to clip XY coordinates before getting plot data. this function returns spatial sf points (if returnxy=TRUE) or a non-spatial data frame of xy plot identifiers and state information. the function is run within spGetPlot() or independently, with intent to separate spatial and non-spatial processes.

spGetPlots added parameter, xy_datsource, to identify datsource of xy data changed xy.joinid to xyjoinid

FIESTA_3.0.28 (Release date: 2021-06-25)

added functionality for P2VEG adjustment factors in modGBpop() added new function to calculate P2VEG estimates - modGBp2veg() added new parameter in datSumTree() and datSumTreeDom() to give flexibility name of adjustment factor, tadjvar, with default=“tadjfac”

spGetStrata()/spGetEstUnit() changed keepxy parameter to returnxy

Deprecated: spGetModeldat() changed to spGetAuxiliary()

FIESTA_3.0.27 (Release date: 2021-06-14)

added anSApop_report() function removed checks for sf and rgdal package in installed.packages changed installed.packages(.Library) to installed.packages() to check for suggests packages and changed from stop to message when a package does not exist

FIESTA_3.0.26 (Release date: 2021-06-11)

changed estimation rawdata output names unit.rowest to unit_rowest unit.colest to unit_colest unit.totest to unit_totest unit.grpest to unit_grpest

FIESTA_3.0.25 (Release date: 2021-05-26)

DBgetPlots() - add functionality to access sqlite database from DataMart.

modGBpop() - fix bugs in strata collapsing function

FIESTA_3.0.23 (Release date: 2021-05-20)

Model-assisted - added ratio estimators - added intensity = modMApop()

FIESTA_3.0.21 (Release date: 2021-05-06)

Fixed bug in spGetStrata when using more than one NODATA value.

Added ability to output results in metric units. - Added a column to FIESTAutils::ref_estvar, named METRIC, to identify metric units. - Added a reference table (FIESTA::ref_conversion) to get conversion factors. - Added a logical parameter, metric (TRUE/FALSE) to datSumTree and datSumTreeDom functions to define output units as English or metric. - Added a parameter, areaunits to modpop functions to define the units of areavar in unitarea. - Added a logical parameter, metric (TRUE/FALSE) to mod functions, to define desired output units as English or metric. - All mod* functions return areaunits and estunits.

Variable changes in modPBpop and modPB functions pnt to pntdat plt.nonsamp.filter to nonsamp.pfilter pnt.nonsamp.filter to nonsamp.pntfilter plt.filter to pfilter pnt.filter to pntfilter

FIESTA_3.0.20 (Release date: 2021-05-05)

Fixes bugs in spGetStrata() if you are using a raster and you already have a variable named STRATUMCD in your data table, it will now create add make sure the name is not duplicated by adding _1 or _2, etc. Specified rast.NODATA values were not carried through to plot assignments, but this is fixed. The NAlst was not returned when keepNA=TRUE, but also fixed.

All overwrite parameters were made into 2 parameter (overwrite_dsn, overwrite_layer) for overwriting dsn versus overwriting layer in dsn or file (e.g., shp, csv) in outfolder.

spGetPlots() Changed output names from for consistency when clipxy=TRUE and clipxy=FALSE. clip_polyv to bndx clip_tabs to tabs tabs\(clip_* to tabs\)* clip_xyplt to xypltx

Combined pfilter and cfilter into pcfilter

FIESTA_3.0.13 (Release date: 2021-02-09)

This release contains updates for core functions and Green Book (GB), Model-Assisted (MA), and Photo-Based (PB) modules. There are also several additional analysis functions for streamlining routines and generating core tables of estimates and core reports.

Next priorities include: (1) updating SA module; (2) adding to core tables and reports; (3) on-the-fly estimation for Growth/Removal/Mortality (GRM), P2 vegetation, and Change; (4) and continued documentation.

  1. Changed plt.filter to pfilter
  2. Changed cond.filter to cfilter

FIESTA_3.0.0 (Release date: 2019-04-09)

  1. Removed default connection to Oracle database (creating FIESTAO for FIA use only)

  2. Removed RODBC from package Suggests (in DESCRIPTION file)

  3. Added capability of writing tables and spatial layers to a SQLite database or geopackage, or geodatabase (if arcgisbinding package is installed).

  4. Converted sp* functions from using class Spatial* to class sf objects.

  5. Switched input of spatial object to dsn instead of layer and switched order of parameters.

  6. Changed name of spReprojectSpatial function to spReprojectVector.

  7. Changed pltstrat to pltassgn

Changes to functions: spMakeSpatialPoints - changed parameters: x to xvar; y to yvar - removed parameters: EPSGCD and prj4str - added parameter: crs (for EPSG or PROJ.4 string inputs)

DBgetPlots - - spconddat - plot-level, condition data (for displaying condition attributes) - spxy - spatial xy coordinates (PLT_CN, x, y)

FIESTA_2.4.2 (Release date: 2019-09-09)

  1. Changed Oracle database connections and queries from using RODBC package to DBI. DBI package is more versatile for querying Oracle and spatial databases.

  2. Added sf package to list in anticipation to use for vector spatial manipulations.

  3. Fixed bugs in anGBest_core()

FIESTA_2.4.1 (Release date: 2019-07-11)

  1. Model-Assisted estimation module is functioning similar to Green-Book Module, with similar format of output.

FIESTA_2.4.0 (Release date: 2019-05-23)


  1. Added 2 new packages in Suggests DBI, RSQLite

  2. Changed all input parameters of vector spatial files from 1 parameter to 2 parameters This change will allow flexibility for different inputs of vector layers. The past options were only for shapefiles or objects. Now we can use options such as GeoPackages or SQLite databases.