ContRespPP is an implementation of the Bayesian approach to using predictive probability in an ANOVA construct with a continuous normal response, when threshold values must be obtained for the question of interest to be evaluated as successful (Sieck and Christensen (2021). In this package, the Bayesian Mission Mean (BMM) is used to evaluate a question of interest (that is, a mean that randomly selects combination of factor levels based on their probability of occurring instead of averaging over the factor levels, as in the grand mean). Under this construct, in contrast to a Gibbs sampler (or Metropolis-within-Gibbs sampler), a two-stage sampling method is required. The nested sampler determines the conditional posterior distribution of the model parameters, given Y, and the outside sampler determines the marginal posterior distribution of Y (also commonly called the predictive distribution for Y). This approach provides a sample from the joint posterior distribution of Y and the model parameters, while also accounting for the threshold value that must be obtained in order for the question of interest to be evaluated as successful.


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How to Use

For details, please refer to the package vignette vignette("gibbs-sampler").