Obtaining the Steam API key

This vignette covers how to create your own Steam API key, to be able to use the CSGo package to pull data from the steam API.

Creating a Steam Account

The very first step to get your own Steam API credentials is to have an Steam Account. To do that you need to access this link, and fill the requested information.

PS: Keep in mind that you will need to agree with the Steam Api Terms of Use, and that you should have spend more than 5.00 USD in the Steam Store to be able to get the API key.

API Key Request

Now that you are a Steam member, and already spend more than 5.00 USD in the store you should be able to request your own Steam API Key. Enter here and sign in with your Steam Account Name and Password.


In the next screen you should fill your Steam Domain Name, confirm the Steam Api Terms of Use check box and click on the “Register” button.


If everything went well you should see an screen as bellow with your own Steam Web API Key.


Key Test

Now that you already have your Steam API Key you should be able to use any function in the CSGo package.

Try to run it filling your own API key:


df <- csgo_api_profile(api_key = 'your_key', user_id = '76561198263364899')

Finding the Users

The second mandatory argument is the user_id which represents the Steam ID. The Steam ID is the number OR name at the end the steam profile URL.


If the Steam Profile URL is https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198263364899/ the user_id is 76561198263364899.

If the Steam Profile URL is https://steamcommunity.com/id/generalcapivara/ the user_id is generalcapivara.

IMPORTANT: The steam profile should have the “Public” status for you be able to get specific information like Achievements and Statistics.


df1 <- csgo_api_profile(api_key = 'your_key', user_id = '76561198263364899')
df2 <- csgo_api_profile(api_key = 'your_key', user_id = 'generalcapivara', name = TRUE)

That’s it!!!